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What are cultivations?

Growing a business is a lot like farming, something that I spent quite a few years doing earlier in my career. In order to produce a bountiful crop, careful attention must be paid to the land, crop selection and cultivation practices. In business, culture is like the land upon which the business grows; it can be fallow or made fertile through the proper cultivation practices. “Culture Requires Cultivation” and depends upon shared Vision, Values and positive Experiences to take root and grow.

Cultivations” are my active thoughts and perspective on what's required to grow a bountiful culture. I invite you to join me in this invigorating process, as "many hands make light work" (John Heywood).

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Asking Great Questions


Plan for Success resized 600If you want to gain valuable insights, you need to ask Great Questions.  Of the 4 critical skills that create Conversations that Matter ( ) -- Listening, Relating, Responding, Understanding -- the art of asking good questions sets the stage for everything that follows.  Great Questions stimulate thoughtful answers that are worth listening to. 

We've learned that Great Questions create connections that didn't exist before they were asked.  Last week a team of Austin Outdoor district managers came together to explore what the Northeast Florida District has been doing to enhance client service; the focus was on the roll-out of a new management training program aimed at deeply understanding client needs and adapting to their requirements.  At the heart of this approach is asking Great Questions, then actively listening to and acting appropriately based upon the answers.

To qualify as Great Questions, what is asked must be sincere and based upon personal interest; careful preparation is essential. When these ingredients come together, the result can be simply magical.  It's our Plan for Success and I can hardly wait to see what happens when we share our collective learning across fourteen branches!  What would You like to know more about?



Good Morning, I just want to say, being lucky enough to be one of the first to learn and practice this wounderful way of communicating how powerful it is. I encourage any one to use this program in all areas of your life, and you will see how well it works. Thank you Bill, Lisa and Brian for all of your hard work! Well Done. Rae Roberts Jacksonville
Posted @ Tuesday, December 18, 2012 5:47 AM by Rae Roberts
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