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The Happiest Property Manager


Happy Property Managers

If you're a Property Manager, congrats - you have one of the happiest jobs in America. The reason? It's all about the people you work with. From the residents to the vendors to the owners, Property Managers experience a plethora of relationships most professionals don't get to experience - ever.

This is why in property management, relationships really matter. And relationships have become even more important as Property Manager's duties continue to evolve, requiring more time and effort in areas of little familiarity.

One of the most important relationships for a commercial or community Property Manager is his/her relationship with the landscape maintenance provider. In most communities, especially in regions with year round landscape needs, landscape services are one of the biggest investments a community makes. It's also the service that can inspire the most noise from the community if something's not right. Here are some key points to help you grow these relationships that really matter:

It Takes a While. We don't mean to be downers, but relationships take a lot of time to develop. The reason for this is, of course, trust. You need to know that when you give your landscape company a call over a problem, they'll fix it. How responsive they are, how quickly they respond, and how well they're able to communicate all have a play into how much you can trust them. As in any relationship, trust takes time to develop, so be patient and cognitive of moments where trust is displayed. If you can trust your landscaper to be the eyes and ears of your community or commercial property, your job just got easier.

It Goes Both Ways. My brother, although I love him dearly, never calls me. I'm always the one to call him, and this one way stream kinda' drives me crazy. Relationships have to go both ways, especially in the landscaper/property manager relationship. No doubt - your landscape manager survives to serve you and your community. But, that landscaper will be able to serve your community more fully if you share a relationship that cultivates open and honest communication. Property Managers benefit when they articulate problems in a way thatHappy Property Manager empowers the landscaper's ability and passions. The bi-product of this kind of communication is a strong relationship where the landscaper's got your back and is proud of the community or commercial property he/she serves.

Finding the Right Partner. If you're looking for a landscape company, chances are, you're gauging whether you can trust them before they step on your property. You're checking references, verifying their financial capabilities and sorting out the services you would be provided. Other ways to learn how to pick the right landscape company before they're entrusted on your property are to:

  • Pay attention to the landscape company's responsiveness throughout the proposal process. If they're not complete in their submittals, non-responsive to pre-bid meetings or don't sound too enthusiastic about your landscape, what makes you think they'd be any different when they're on your property?
  • Identify whether the landscape company is engaged. Quality landscape firms will ask focused questions during the proposal process. Questions that get to the meat of what you're looking for and what they can serve.
  • Meet the team. That's right - request to meet the Account Manager that would be taking care of your property. After all, this would probably be who you'll deal directly with and who you're putting your trust in. But it's also good to get to know the culture of the company. This type of digging will give you a strong sense  of whether you can trust your landscaper before they arrive on your property.

In property management, relationships really matter. When you invest in these relationships, your job not only gets easier, but you'll become happier.

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Fro our national network of offices, and over 26 yrs of serving the Reserve Study needs of associations, I agree. It is still a "people" business.  
Because of this, we aligned with some other regional and national firms to create a new National Manager of the Year contest, to recognize and reward ($5000!) the "best" General Manager and Portfolio Manager of the year. It is designed to be fair and fun. For more info, for all the happy managers you know, go 
Posted @ Wednesday, October 17, 2012 11:30 PM by Robert Nordlund, PE, RS
Great article. There are many different advantages of property management.The most important thing to keep in mind are your tenants. Thanks for sharing. 
Jared@Chicago Property Management
Posted @ Sunday, December 02, 2012 10:27 AM by Jared
When you think positive, everything is possible and bound to come to pass..
Posted @ Friday, February 14, 2014 3:58 AM by Property Management Service
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